#21096 Unique Milky Aquamarine Crystal with Clear Termination
Unique Milky Aquamarine Crystal with Clear Termination
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This is a very unique and petite, 0.4 oz very lustrous Brazilian aquamarine that is a nice single crystal with a bit of albite and golden healer at the base. He is glassy and mist filled (milky) until you get to his upper termination which is ultra clear for about a mm (easier to see in person) with golden healer accents! He is 0.6” by 0.8" by 0.6" and is more beautiful (errr … handsome) that you can ever imagine! There are some tiny nicks to the edge, but otherwise, he is most excellent.

Aquamarine is pretty much a forgotten crystal except as used in jewelry. But, it is one of the most important crystals to the crystal healer or Reiki practitioner! Aquamarine is known as the Stone of Courage. It helps one understand the core Self and take pride, delight and pleasure in all the Self is. And with that knowing comes not just courage, but the ability to transmute negativity. For once you truly know your Self, you know that negative energies cannot harm you or take hold of you. You are able to turn them around into positive! He is the perfect size for laying on the body or tucking in a medicine pouch. He would be excellent carried on a daily basis where he can always provide the right energies when you need them most!

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Unique Milky Aquamarine Crystal with Clear Termination

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