#21098 Vivid, Rectangular Polished Russian Charoite
Vivid, Rectangular Polished Russian Charoite
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This is a wonderful 7.77 grams, 1” by 0.55 by 0.4" rectangular piece of well-polished charoite that is flat on one side and slightly curved on the other. She is largely neon purple, fibrous, swirling, chatoyant charoite with accents of dark agerine at one edge! I love the contrast and color-play - this is just a stunning piece! Charoite comes from only one place on earth … the Chary River region in Russia.

The word “Chary” is derived from the Russian word for charmed or magic and I love that image because that is precisely how her energies feel! She has a wonderful blend of earthly and ethereal energies, in perfect balance. She is splendid for removing negativity from the aura, transmuting it into wonderful, ebullient positive energies! She is a stone of transition and change and perfect for the Light Worker looking for something new to add. Once you feel her energies, you won’t want to put her down – truly she is magic!! She is also a perfect size for laying on the body during a crystal healing or Reiki session where she really wants to be placed over the Third Eye – a trip is guaranteed! As an aside, try her when you have a headache. Just holding her eases the discomfort and helps to reestablish the balance that created the headache in the first place. Within about 20 minutes, the headache is gone and you feel restored! She would be wonderful mounted in a pendant or used in healing grids.

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Vivid, Rectangular Polished Russian Charoite

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