#21108 Elestial Light Smoky Quartz with Leaf Green Tourmaline
Elestial Light Smoky Quartz with Leaf Green Tourmaline
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This is an amazing and hefty elestial light smoky quartz, 3.6” by 4” by 3.2” and weighing 1 lb 9.1 oz. He is from Aricuai, Brazil and has a marvelous Old Soul Spirit with his frosted sides and secondary growth of quartz over a slightly citrine core. His base is flat and healed and he has a neat, twinned termination with a deposit of secondary growth (about ¼” thick) down one side … and pinned within that growth, there are gorgeous, leaf green tourmaline rods! There are more included within him and you can see them when he is strongly backlit. He has some wonderful glyphs and is in excellent condition. He is from old stock and these tourmaline-included quartz are becoming rare and dear now! He is a wonderful altar size too!

Throughout our lives, we tend to live in either the past or the future. Think about how many times, you mull over things and wish they could have been different or regret having said or done something – dwelling on the past. Some of us allow the past to totally dominate our lives by permitting events from the past to prevent enjoyment in the now: perhaps a bad childhood, a disastrous relationship or even an accident. Remembering the incidents detracts from our full enjoyment of life now. Then, there are others who live only in the future – can't wait until the weekend or the vacation or the move or the new job … or whatever. Hundreds of wonderful incidents in the now are passed up in favor of better ones to come during a more magical time. This Spirit with his protective smoky side shows that when you open your eyes wide to NOW, you will experience miracle after miracle. Miracles aren't necessarily big events – they are the daily things, full of beauty, joy and delight that turn a day that is ordinary into one that is extraordinary. This Spirit helps you to understand that the only power we truly have is in the now – this time, this moment. If we embrace it totally, we will experience a peace and understanding that is unparalleled. This Spirit’s role is to both remind you and incentivize you to know the Power of Now. He is a wonderful personal meditation crystal and would also be very effective used by a Healer with patients having difficulty either defining or accepting their role in life.

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Elestial Light Smoky Quartz with Leaf Green Tourmaline

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