#21155 Amazing Amethyst Totem Quartz - Spirit of the Eagle
Amazing Amethyst Totem Quartz - Spirit of the Eagle
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This is an arrival from an amazing new find in Bahia, Brazil and a truly unusual and stunning amethyst, 10.3 oz and 3.25” by 2.5” by 1. His sides are opalescent and the faces are strangely ridged … like a really odd, elongated record keeper. Five faces were polished as there was originally a talc-like mineral there that made the termination fragile, so the miners gently polished it off. The rest is all natural and elestial. He is slightly smoky and if you backlight him, you can see a clear and vivid violet rising through his center. Shy rainbows play within and the base has totally healed through the eons. When I first unwrapped these special quartz, I got images of animals in each … and each different. This one is is the Spirit of the Eagle, ethereal, sublime and proud. You can see him spreading his winds to lift into flight and also folded back to dive for a fish! His Keeper will treasure his special message!

Eagle: we all have images of him, flying high with those long, flat, outstretched wings. He conjures up images of strength, power and freedom. His feathers have long been treasured by Native American Shamans as the most sacred of healing tools. This Eagle Spirit is seeking nourishment from the Universe and symbolizes the rising Shaman in us all, searching for truth, courage and understanding. When Eagle flies high, he soars in the unknown, close to Great Spirit. There is no attachment to either Earth or Sky. This is how we must also be in seeking the role of Shaman. In the detachment, we put fear aside and become open to the Great Mystery. We take it into our hearts and minds and it becomes one with us. Are you ready to take Eagle into your Spiritual development?

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Amazing Amethyst Totem Quartz - Spirit of the Eagle

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