#21163 Corinto Quartz with Timelines, Extra Facet
Corinto Quartz with Timelines, Extra Facet
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This is a 1.6 oz, 1.8” by 1.2” by 1.1” quartz, from Corinto, Brazil with an irregular, healed and lightly misted base. There are some keys around the base as well as a small student. Light mists fill his base and above that, he is exceptionally clear. There is a large past timeline (ancestral) and a small, slender one and a number of minute starbrary glyphs plus a small extra facet! There are some very small dings, but nothing of significance … Corinto quartz is lofty energy to begin with and he is no exception – he will be an outstanding helper to his Keeper.

Timeline quartz is useful for connections … establishing those with ancestors, relating to histories (more on a personal level), links to the Star Peoples, etc. With these links comes the understanding of the past and the lessons it brings. Extra facets help us to consider alternatives ... what can I do differently to achieve the outcome I want? The pairing of the timelines and the extra facet create a powerful tool, combined with calcite, for a Keeper wanting to bring about significant change in his/her life.

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Corinto Quartz with Timelines, Extra Facet

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