#21165 Dynamic, Rainbow Brazil Law Twin Amethyst Sphere
Dynamic, Rainbow Brazil Law Twin Amethyst Sphere
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This is a 6.3 oz, 1.9” in diameter amethyst sphere from Bolivia. She was in a lot of ametrine, Brazil law twin spheres, but she has no citrine. Backlight her carefully and rotate (to the c-axis) and savor the pinwheel-like patterns of the clear quartz and amethyst – a classic example of a Brazil law twin! She also has a silver shield side and a clear side (if spheres had a side … perhaps hemisphere is more accurate), both of which show nice rainbows! She is a real beauty and ready for a special Keeper!

Amethyst is a Crown Chakra stone, infusing the aura with pure, vibrant, protective violet rays. Long considered sacred all over the world, amethyst is used to open the mind and raise Spiritual vibrations. This sphere is a perfect meditation partner for daily use or wonderful placed with a patient for crystal healing or Reiki to assist dealing with addiction and other habits that limit potential, revealing both sides of every potential. She is co awesome – helping to show you your true potential!

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Dynamic, Rainbow Brazil Law Twin Amethyst Sphere

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