#21166 Ethereal Mystic Citrine Aracuai Quartz with Black Tourmaline
Ethereal Mystic Citrine Aracuai Quartz with Black Tourmaline
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There is nothing like the energy of Aricuai citrine quartz and believe me, I am totally hooked on them! Most are layered ones and are like crystalline onions, unfolding crystalline layer by crystalline layer, gradually revealing the depths of their Soul to their Keeper. But she is very different in her glowing golden dress with smoky tones and forthright presentation. She has two side students at her completely healed base that enables her to self-stand. She is 4 oz and 2.25” by 2.1” by 1.4” with an inset of black tourmaline (aka schorl) among those students! There are areas of golden healer-stained albite and a bit of mica. There are defined Lemurian lines and a few cute little rainbows especially behind her somewhat-stepped faces. You will have to use a loupe to see and appreciate the intricacy and improve your reading pleasure. She is very mystical, although very humble-looking, with a luscious and warm glow and only a few tiny dings!

As I said, I’m over the moon with these quartz – they are so varied and so mysterious. Interestingly, this Spirit has said that she is meant for a woman who is dealing with mixed emotions about being direct. Women, in particular, don’t totally express what is on their mind, trying to be cognizant of opinions and feelings of others. This is an important consideration, but many times we sacrifice our own feelings and opinions and totally allow only those of others. This leaves a sense of frustration and a lack of self-worth. Within the glow of protection from her citrine soul, she offers a surety and security about Self that allows full expression without hurts another. And her glyphs assist with the decoding of not only your feelings but your dreams and needs. Trust that you will find the words and the means and then permit it to happen. The sense of freedom will be inspiring and freeing!

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Ethereal Mystic Citrine Aricuai Quartz with Black Tourmaline

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