#21167 Exquisite Large Spray of Epidote Crystals - Peru
Exquisite Large Spray of Epidote Crystals - Peru
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This is a fabulous and slender spray of deep green, gemmy epidote crystals measuring 4.75” by 0.9” by 0.7” and weighing 1.6 oz. There is just a tiny bit of calcite druse on one side, but he is as lustrous on the back as he is on the front! The terminations are soaring and gorgeous, rising fan-like from a narrower base … in fact, he rather resembles a palm frond with a DT epidote crystal across one side. The color is deep and intense and the front and sides of the crystal have a glassy luster with patches of lighter green epidote druse. He is very dimensional, as if you can turn him to tune into various frequencies! This is a phenomenal and uncommon cluster from Peru, source of the highest-intensity epidote! This crystal is a very unique size – you don’t often find ones this large and this beautiful, nor will you find energy this intense! He is in excellent condition.

This crystal is nothing short of amazing – he is without a doubt, an antenna. He is awesome at gathering energy – hold him and you’ll feel a real tingle, just before the ‘jolt’. He heightens your perception and awareness and with that, comes psychic sensitivity. I’m not kidding – it’s like you all of a sudden put on new glasses that attune you to a different reality. Illusion melts away and you are face to face with what IS. This wand is not for the timid – he is a hard-working companion who will need you to utilize him with purity and intent. He is about personal power, but not the conventional power (riches, influence and politics), but more about the power of Self – that power within. Welcome him and work with him often!

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Exquisite Large Spray of Epidote Crystals - Peru

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