#21177 Large Etched DT Golden-Green Heliodor Crystal
Large Etched DT Golden-Green Heliodor Crystal
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This is an amazing and extra large, greenish-yellow, well-etched, DT heliodor crystal from Brazil with golden healer held in the etchings. Heliodor ranges from deep gold to brownish-gold to goldish-green with the deep gold called “golden beryl”. The golden beryl is what most people associate with heliodor. l He is well terminated all over and a wonderful handful of energy! It’s interesting as heliodor is a beryl and morganite, goshenite, emerald, aquamarine, golden beryl and bixbite are all the same family just with different impurities that contribute the characteristic colors. Heliodor is the iron-rich member of the family. He is 4.8 oz and 2.7" by 2.1" by 1.1" … and a study in aquamarine evolution.

Heliodor is a word from the Greek meaning ‘gift of the sun’ and truly, what a joy this Spirit is, although he isn’t as golden as most heliodor (hence the description of golden-green where the green is dominant! This Spirit helps foster the courage and strength to both heal your heart and open it to other possibilities … friendship, relationship, true love, soul mate. It helps to distinguish the true relationship and discern the subtle difference between want and need. Its golden and green hues join the Heart and Solar Plexus, instilling courage and resilience. It is truly a crystal that will enlighten your personal meditations! He is the perfect size for laying on the body or personal meditation. He would be excellent used on a daily basis where he can always provide the right energies when you need them most!

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Large Etched DT Golden-Green Heliodor Crystal

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