#21182 Nicely-Clear Scrying Zagi Mountain Quartz with Astrophyllite
Nicely-Clear Scrying Zagi Mountain Quartz with Astrophyllite
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From the Zagi Mountain in Pakistan comes this marvelous 1.9 oz, 1.95” by 1.4” by 1.3” quartz with a contact area containing a bit of mica and Mother Earth matrix to the back-base.. He is nicely-clear, offering a good view of the numerous coppery-colored needles of astrophyllite. He is a bit rough looking, although he truly is in very good condition and perfect for personal meditations.

This wonderful quartz comes from the famed Zagi Mountain where much of Pakistan’s rare earth minerals, astrophyllite, riebeckite and agerine are mined. These are often included in the quartz found there and the energies are amazing! Astrophyllite is a wonderful Spirit! It has been called sacred because it is an able assistant to the Shaman, facilitating insight, enabling third sight and revealing the hidden. I offered a smoky crystal with astrophyllite that was marvelous for scrying. It seems that this characteristic seems to be shared by the entire lot of crystals I got in this shipment. As you turn him over in your hand, you are drawn into his base or a face or a side – each has different attributes and each provides a glimpse into the known and the unknown. His glyphs revealed ancient writing, stars, maps, galaxies, faces. I saw past, present and future, mingled and available for application. His silver portal offers a point of entry where you can access the library of events he offers – truly a sacred Spirit!

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Nicely-Clear Scrying Zagi Mountain Quartz with Astrophyllite

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