#21183 Old Soul Smoky-Citrine Quartz with Rose Quartz “Scarf”, Cleavelandite, Lepidolite
Old Soul Smoky-Citrine Quartz with Rose Quartz “Scarf”, Cleavelandite, Lepidolite
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This fascinating and ethereal quartz is an amazement and a study in subtle contrast. When you first look at her, she looks a bit rugged and uninteresting. If you pass her up at this point, you will have missed one of the most unique and most precious Spirits you’ve ever seen. Take a second look and note that she is a light smoky-citrine quartz and decorated with an elestial rose quartz scarf and wraps around about 2/3 of her! At the base is a large area of cleavelandite with inlays of purple-pink lepidolite! The cleavelandite side is interrupted by a golden inset of stacked, thin columns of mica and tiny crystals of hematite including hematite spheroids within. The front of the crystal features another inset of the mica columns as well as bird-track-like keys from columns now gone. Her termination is a multi and elestial and displays the rose quartz scarf rather well! Crystals like this are a true and precious rarity and she is a wonderful altar Spirit where she can sit proudly and offer her gentle and unconditional love to all who share her presence! She is 15.8oz, measures 3.9” by 3.3” by 1.8” and comes from Brazil. She awaits a Keeper who wants to open the heart to the fullest!

This extraordinary combination of rose quartz and citrine is amazing! Citrine is a stone of abundance and one that never accumulates negativity or bad energies, and thus never needs cleansing. Rose quartz teaches unconditional love, beginning with Self, because if you can’t love your Self, you will never experience deep, total and complete love for another. When these two are married as they are in this Spirit, you have this soaring Spirit that radiates both love and happiness. Cleavelandite and lepidolite further add to the heart attributes. In many Chakra systems, citrine is considered a heart stone, and this sweet Spirit indeed opens the heart wide. She gently allows her energies to blend with her Keepers, surrounding her Keeper in a rosy-golden glow – a color I call “resin”. This color is the color of the Earth’s aura when it’s healthy. You might think I’m crazy, but it’s a multidimensional sensation – resin also has a fragrance … you’ll see. When your own vibrations are meshed with resin, you will feel an incredible peace, belonging and unconditional love. Her smoky aspect offers critical protection and when the heart is wide open, you MUST have this, particularly at the beginning. And mica offers introspection, another vital aspect of profound opening. This bright Spirit is ready to bring her Keeper to the resin vibration that fills the heart right to the very being – she will become your favorite meditation crystal!

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Old Soul Smoky-Citrine Quartz with Rose Quartz “Scarf”, Cleavelandite, Lepidolite

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