#21186 Pensive Daybreak Scenic Desert Lemurian Quartz
Pensive Daybreak Scenic Desert Lemurian Quartz
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These are wondrous slightly golden Lemurian quartz from Brazil and oh my, are they ever interesting! This one is a nice handful at 3.8 oz and 3.4” by 1.2” by 1.2” with a gold and russet lodelite-infused and phantom that forms a “back-drop” in this wondrous point. The effect is like a daybreak when the first color shows in the dawn skies and when the mood is pensive as you ponder what this new day will bring. Her dominant face is an abundance (eight-sided) and there are keys around her base and a glancing key on one side. Subtle glyphs blend with the Lemurian lines on her sides and save for a nick at the terminal apex and a few odd tiny dings, she is in excellent condition.

It is truly interesting about the Southwest colors of this Spirit. The American Southwest was once under the ocean and believe it or not, you can find shell fossils in the Grand Canyon! Dolphins and other sea life played freely in these seas and the energies were definitely Lemurian, the dominant age of the planet. These energies are from the beginning of Lemurian times when the formation of all we know as Lemuria was beginning to flourish. She is a profound Spirit, the original and the defining one. If you are a Keeper with Lemurian roots, she is one who will reacquaint you with your origins … and remember … she does love to travel.

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Pensive Daybreak Scenic Desert Lemurian Quartz

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