#21199 Unique Russian Snow Queen Quartz Cluster
Unique Russian Snow Queen Quartz Cluster
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This is a sweet 7.2 oz slightly smoky and frosty quartz cluster, 3.2” by 2.75” by 1.5” from Dal’negorsk, Russia. She is actually double-sided with the base being covered with druse and golden healer. The top side also has golden healer in the crevices. Her crystals are rather misty with a bit of clarity at the tips and she looks for the world like a mixture of ice and snow. Minute glyphs cover sides and faces, all best studied with a loupe. She isn’t the prettiest cluster ever, but certainly the most wondrous and energetic!

This cluster, energetically, is like a beacon … you know, like one of those that they set up near car dealerships to “comb” the air and bring people in. She is extremely well suited to grids where you provide her with your intentions and leave her to broadcast that intent, particularly with respect to change. Now, this intent must be pure if this is to work and you will have to leave her in place a while, perhaps weeks, to see effects depending on the magnitude of the work you give her to do. World peace, for instance, will take a while, particularly lately. In any case, she is meant for a Keeper who has achieved a level of enlightenment and wishes to continue to the next level. She is a partner and a tool to assist in that endeavor. And while she isn’t working, she will grace your altar space and infuse her partner crystals with loving energies! And as one additional note, I get that she is also a transmitter … by placing a small piece of paper under her, inscribed with your wishes for the group (such as a loving exchange of energies or a peaceful discussion …), she will spread those energies outward … try it and you will be delighted with the results!

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Unique Russian Snow Queen Quartz Cluster

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