#21209 Empathic Rainbowed Brilliant Pleiadian Quartz
Empathic Rainbowed Brilliant Pleiadian Quartz
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This Spirit is a brilliant, but lightly misted 3 oz quartz from Brazil that measures 2.75” by 1.3” by 1.2”. Her base is slanted with a shallow key at the edge and is totally healed. Her sides bear Lemurian lines and rather holographic Pleiadian glyphs. I notice a slight golden color to her and as you look her over, you will note quite a number of dings … all the small ones are healed and the larger one on the side is about 50% healed. Inside, you will note a number of beautiful rainbows! She is also an earthquake quartz, damaged within the Earth and healed through the eons. Golden healer seeped into the scar, thereby marking it and you will note golden healer in a number of other healed areas. She may be an empath, but her healing energies are marvelous!

Before I take pictures, I always wash each crystal and purify each so that their own beauty shines forth. As I did, I noted particularly the musk of her crystal fragrance when she was wet – amazingly heady! This is definitely a Spirit that you should wet with rain water when you meditate so that she can unlock the full extent of the sensory experience. Her energy is soaring and she is a treasure trove of healing information. After all, empaths are the Master Healers – they have been damaged, some seemingly beyond repair, and then simply manifest into a different sort of beauty – look at what she has already done! Her rainbows show us the promise of what is to come! She helps us to understand that there is no trauma too great that we cannot repair and be the better for it, provided we are open to the possibility. There is no room for pity and sadness – just glory and brilliance! She is an awesome Spirit for one who is trying to recover from a traumatic emotional or physical incident and she would love to work in a healing practice where she can assist both patient and crystal healing or Reiki practitioner.

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Empathic Rainbowed Brilliant Pleiadian Quartz

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