#21227 Magnificent Optical Fluorite Cluster Topped with Four Hedenbergite-Quartz Crystals
Magnificent Optical Fluorite Cluster Topped with Four Hedenbergite-Quartz Crystals
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This is an absolutely outstanding cluster from Dal’negorsk, Russia … 7.5 oz and 3” by 2.5” by 1.7”. And you are definitely going to need a loupe for this one as some of the attributes couldn’t be captured by a camera! Anyway, here we go. The first thing you notice about this unusual cluster is the color … or lack thereof … covered by gorgeous, clear, optical fluorite with a bit of golden healer accents. The fluorite spawns many vivid rainbows and the faces are glyph-covered although it was hard to show with the camera as the surface is so glossy that it reflects the light, obliterating fine detail. Four gorgeous hedenbergite-included quartz crystals (and one teensy one) jut out of the fluorite cluster! The entire cluster sits on a bit of fluorite (and what looks like biotite mica) matrix. She is intricate and yet ethereal all at once and you will never tire of checking out this altar-worthy beauty!

Fluorites are the great organizers of the crystalline realm and the dominant energy of this cluster. As we move into the fall and rapidly approaching yang season, “getting our ducks in a row” is the order of business so that we can accomplish what we need to without losing our sanity. She is a real asset for getting you staying on track in the physical plane. Her energies are soft and glowing from the heart-centered beat quartz and the change-easing calcite, so combine the physical with the Spiritual Chakras, ensuring a balanced approach. She has an amazing way of cutting through pretense and outward representation, right to the “quick” of the matter. She allows you to see things in a completely different manner, opening your Self to latent abilities. In this manner, she serves to allay your fears for it is difficult to fear that which you know. Placed at the Crown Chakra during a crystal healing or Reiki session, she helps to clear the cobwebs and stir up creativity, enabling you to more clearly see your Spiritual path. Most fluorites are very “straight-forward”, but this Spirit is much more complex and sweet. I actually feel more relaxed and simultaneously energized sitting with her – similar to a cup of rich, strong coffee in mid-afternoon. She also activates other crystals, so he works well in lay-outs or when you meditate in a grid. You will be totally amazed!

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Magnificent Optical Fluorite Cluster Topped with Four Hedenbergite-Quartz Crystals

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