#21230 Minty Fuchsite Phantom Quartz Cluster
Minty Fuchsite Phantom Quartz Cluster
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This is a neat 5.4 oz, 1.9” by 3.2” by 1.6” beautiful Madagascar quartz cluster and the lovely mint green fuchsite phantom really displays well within the crystals. The phantoms sit within rising mists and little inner foils so that they gleam with opalescence and light. Fuchsite is a lovely minty or apple-green mica that creates these lovely phantoms. The base is completely flat and glittery and she sits securely on it and there are areas of golden healer staining as well. And look at the crystals with a loupe and you will see teeny, sparkly crystals all over the phantoms! She is a potent manifestor! She is in excellent condition and looks forward to working with her special Keeper and/or becoming part of a special altar.

This Spirit is filled with such gentleness, sweetness and joy. Her demeanor speaks of love and opens a channel to emotion, compassion, empathy and acceptance. With her ethereal phantom, she reminds us of how the Spirit is also within us, waiting for its voice to instill love, joy and balance within our hearts. She is a lovely personal Spirit for she will be very dedicated to her true Keeper and will not want to be separated. And if it would serve her Keeper well, she would enjoy being with a Keeper who is also a Healer as both healer and patient would benefit from her energies and healing capacity. She is particularly beneficial to those who are undergoing (or have experienced) trauma of any kind.

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Minty Fuchsite Phantom Quartz Cluster

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