#21248 Winter-Frosty DT Blue Celestite with Students
Winter-Frosty DT Blue Celestite with Students
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This is a beautiful 1.2 oz, 1.6” by 1” by 0.7” doubly-terminated crystal of celestite with side students (as well as several keys from former students) from Michigan. She is a lovely shade of frosted pale blue with a few little rainbows. She is a sweet, stunning, energetic beauty that fits well in the palm of your hand. She is a perfect companion for her special Keeper!

Celestite is a stone of balance, helping to even out the nasty swings between yin and yang energies that you experience on a day to day basis. Sitting with her is like sitting under a warm, tropical waterfall with the cool water and the warm sun washing away stress, fear and trauma. She gives you a welcome breather and helps you recharge and reset. She is a perfect size for medicine pouch or pocket where she can sooth you continuously. And, she is a good size to lay on the body for crystal healing or Reiki treatments. You will treasure her energies!

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Winter-Frosty DT Blue Celestite with Students

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