#21250 Yin-Yang Electric, Smoky Quartz with Golden Rutile
Yin-Yang Electric, Smoky Quartz with Golden Rutile
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This is a Brazilian, 2.2 oz smoky quartz measuring 3.05” by 1.2” by 1” with a few side students at his slanted base. He is actually deftly twinned and has a yin-yang appearance in that one side is lustrous and glossy while the other is frosted with golden healer insets. Subtle glyphs highlight his sides and faces, including record keepers and interestingly, his Lemurian lines appear slightly bowed. Inside, there are just a few needles of rutile … just enough to boost his energy nicely! The matte of his sides also covers his termination, so it forms an excellent diffuser for his energy projection. He may look a bit rugged, but he is in excellent condition.

If you have never worked with rutile quartz, this Spirit will hook you immediately. Rutile inclusions are sometimes called angel hair because of the way they dance and play with the light. As you sit and study the light play, you become aware of a sense of calm washing over you. This Spirit is just a champion at restoring balance and helping you feel like you understand what has happened. As an example, say you have had a bad week: car broke down, weather was awful, you were late for an important appointment and it got worse from there. Sit with this Spirit for a while and really allow the rutile energies to “scrub” those negative vibrations from your aura. Allow yourself to retrace the events as well as the ultimate outcome. Each event, in and of itself, takes on a different perspective when you look at the big picture. And sometimes, the Universe uses events such as this to get your attention. Regular meditation with this Spirit will help maintain an even keel and resolve things before they manifest into disease. He is also an important Spirit to tuck under a pillow for dream work – he is awesome with dream recall!

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Yin-Yang Electric, Smoky Quartz with Golden Rutile

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