#21258 Electric and Clear DT Silver Topaz
Electric and Clear DT Silver Topaz
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From Medina, Brazil, comes this 0.6 oz, 1.3” by 0.7” by 0.7” single DT crystal of silver
topaz that is actually very clear … in spite of the photos that make him look less clear than he is. If you look at him closely, you’ll see that he is well terminated with a dazzling appearance with a key at his base termination that gives him a tooth-like look. He is in excellent condition with positively electric energy!

Much of the blue topaz you see is heat-treated sliver topaz. But when you see the beauty in the silver topaz, you feel the sadness in this process. Untreated, he is like the silver moon, full and with a slight golden glow to him. His energies are those of synchronicity and balance. How many of us sit to meditate and can’t quell our mind? The yang energies of the day are too dominant and a thousand thoughts pop in: the item you forgot at the store, the neighbor you need to call, the appointment you have to book, etc. He helps establish the balance, assisting you to blend your energies with those of the Universe. His energies are like a beacon, helping you to project and cut through the darkness. He helps you to see the synchronicity in all things and apply that synchronicity to your own role and sense of purpose. It is this connection that many of us miss in our spiritual endeavors and this connection completes us in a profound way. He is a perfect size for a pocket or medicine pouch – and try him under a pillow for more meaningful dreams and dream experiences.

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Electric and Clear DT Silver Topaz

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