#21267 Golden Smoky Quartz with Garnets In and Out with Goethite
Golden Smoky Quartz with Garnets In and Out with Goethite
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This is a mysterious and dark-looking, golden-smoky quartz that is both glorious and luminous. She sports an extra facet meaning she is a Dauphine twin and there are keys around her base. On her surfaces, you will see an assortment of small garnet keys and goethite accents! And there are some lovely orange spessartine garnets in several places. Hold her to the light and check her with a loupe and you will see a more of the orange spessartine garnet manifestors within her. One side also has a well-healed key with just a bit of the crystal that separated from it … it leaves the side looking kinked. I took loads of pictures and these will tell her total story! She a wondrous handful of energy and is from China, is 4 oz and 3.5” by 1.3” by 1.1”. I guarantee you will be wowed by her presence! She has a few tiny dings, but nothing compromising her beauty or energy.

Somehow, she seems incongruous – peaceful and serene and yet, blazing with the fire of the orange garnets. But, she makes perfect sense. Too many times, we go through life, doing things over and over the same way. We take the same route to work, have the same exercise routine, eat the same foods, etc. As we become so routinized, there is a building stress. Routine is easier than making changes, but much less satisfying. What is missing is passion – the kind of passion you feel when you discover something new and delightful! This Spirit offers the energies to get you ‘over the hump’ and into trying new things, stretching into different areas, exploring change! On the one hand, she nudges you and on the other, there is a fierce protection so that the risk of change is mitigated. Now, her expertise is putting you in touch with that inner child … and allowing it to be expressed freely. That liberates your creativity and expression as you embrace life with a new passion. Allow her to take you out of the ordinary and experience the fullness of Life!

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Golden Smoky Quartz with Garnets In and Out with Goethite

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