#21269 Hand-holder Jenipapo Light Smoky Blue Quartz with Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline
Hand-holder Jenipapo Light Smoky Blue Quartz with Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline
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This a sort of rugged looking but healed all over, very light smoky blue quartz, 6.5 oz and 2.85” by 2.4 by 1.5” and from old stock, Jenipapo, Brazil. She is milky in appearance with a light blue color with golden healer accents and a bit of white calcite. The back is flat and elestial. There is a long and jagged earthquake zone where she was damaged within the Earth and healed through the eons and in her more clear areas near the base, her blue color deepens and you will see numerous slender rods of indicolite, a beautiful blue tourmaline. Sides are Lemurian lined she has a soft and gentle presence with loving energies plus she is a perfect hand-holder size, suitable for your special meditations. She is from Jenipapo, Brazil and she offers you her wintery-rugged beauty and heart-felt energies! There are a few very small dings, but nothing of significance!

I was so blown away by this Spirit – between the comfort of her smoky-blue color and the electric energy from the tourmaline, she is a very, very unusual crystal offering a variety of energies for her Keeper. The blue tourmaline is a potent Third Eye stimulator while the smoky is a protector. We perceive things on many levels including the occult. These messages are often cloaked in mystery and difficult to decode and sometimes, we are afraid of them … thus they are also often ignored. Working with this Spirit can assist with the decoding and putting into physical expression so that you can communicate both to your Self and others exactly what you ‘see’. She is a Spirit for a Light Worker coming into their strength and ‘power’, discovering all that is open to them now. She will bring a whole new meaning to your experiences and progress!

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Hand-holder Jenipapo Light Smoky Blue Quartz with Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline

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