#21278 Neat Chakra Aligning Blue Kyanite Wand - Nepal
Neat Chakra Aligning Blue Kyanite Wand - Nepal
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This is a blue kyanite wand measuring 4” by 0.8” by 0.3” and weighing 1.6 oz. She is part of a shipment from Nepal and the energy is cleaner, more focused and direct than the Brazilian wands! She is very well striated and accented with insets of golden healer that really set her off. She is more slender at one end and wide and somewhat flared at the other. Her color is shades of deep blue with some areas gemmy and almost chatoyant. And is she ever magnificent to hold! This is a one-of-a-kind Spirit for a Light Worker or Healer who must do extensive cleansing all the time … plus, she is totally amazing!

Kyanite is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing or clearing. There is none better at Chakra alignment and with that alignment, comes a sense of security and well-being – all IS right with the world. This Spirit is perfect for use in a crystal healing or Reiki practice to set the stage and ready the patient for the healing to follow. The Chakra opening is gentle, thorough and deep. Hold her like you would a knife and gently draw her through the aura, paying careful attention to ‘sticky’ areas. Don’t force, but gently guide her along. You will notice the patient relaxing and he/she may even go to sleep while you work. She is also wonderful for personal meditation, particularly when you’re having difficulty ‘getting in’. She can be held or made part of a grid to induce soothing energies and facilitate the meditation. When done, I still like to cleanse with rainwater and place her on the altar where she will blend her energies with your other crystals and infuse them with her positive energy and beauty!

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Neat Chakra Aligning Blue Kyanite Wand - Nepal

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