#21291 Solo Russian Green Quartz on Lovely Field of Calcite with Ilvaite
Solo Russian Green Quartz on Lovely Field of Calcite with Ilvaite
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This is a spectacular 4.9 oz 3.4” by 3” by 1.2” solo green quartz, rising from a bed of calcite and accompanied by a few rods of ilvaite from the Nikolaevsky Mine in Dal’negorsk, Russia. The base is black basalt and along the sides is a lace-like druse of sparkling quartz. The ilvaite is encrusted with the calcite and the solo quartz is that light green “glassine” color (derived from hedenbergite) with Andromeda starbrary markings on the sides and a perfect Merlin (generator) termination! This is a truly rare combination and would make a wondrous small altar piece! She is small, but very mighty!

I have to admit to being both fascinated and blown away by the diversity and the energy of this cluster! This Russian green quartz is such an incredible heart stone and the marriage with ilvaite is beyond perfect! If ever you were struggling with trying to figure out who you are and what your role is in this Life’s expression, this is the crystalline companion for you! She will help clear the cobwebs and allow you to come to a deeper understanding of you. Ilvaite is a crystal of incredible patience with a peaceful presence that pervades the surrounding space. Calcite is about change, but in her field-like expression, she accelerates that change, but in a very refined and focused way. She energizes you for the transition so that not only do you look forward to it, but you embrace it with every fiber of your being. It as a critical step and is symbolic of the process we go through in setting up a communication with our Higher Self. It begins with the physical, often with a profound healing challenge such as a serious illness or accident. In the healing process, we learn that we are more than our physical Self and begin to expand our mind in order to facilitate the healing. As we grow in our abilities, our Higher Self gains a larger voice and activates much more easily. This is the Self that guides and nurtures – that teaches us to trust those “voices” inside that some call “gut feeling” or intuition. This Spirit teaches us to truly feel with our heart and speak with the truth of the Soul!

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Solo Russian Green Quartz on Lovely Field of Calcite with Ilvaite

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