#21292 Soothing and Gentle “Moonlight Through the Trees” Quartz
Soothing and Gentle “Moonlight Through the Trees” Quartz
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This is an absolutely stunning quartz from the Sweet Surrender Mine in Arkansas. She is 13.5 oz and 3.8” by 2.8" by 2.1” with a bit of golden healer that tints the myriad of little crystals on one side. Her color is opalescent white that shines like moonlight on a winter’s night. Her faces have wonderful and minute frost-like etchings like moon-shadows through the trees; these etchings look like ancient petroglyphs, carved in crystal instead of stone. Everywhere you look on this Spirit, there is something new to discover! There are loads of pictures to help you explore! Gentle rainbows smile shyly when the light is just right and she has a healed base. There is a ding to one side that is in the process of healing and she is otherwise most beautiful and excellent!

These Moonlight Elestials come from the Sweet Surrender Mine in Arkansas where the magnetic lines of the Earth are closest to the surface. The energies are different from any other quartz in the world: ethereal, yet Earthy. I have a dear friend, Lyn, who loves to "cuddle up" with a Moonlight Elestial – like sitting with a warm blanket and chamomile tea on a cold day. This Spirit has that same charm, calming and soothing with a gentleness that is so wonderful. She diffuses the stress and helps the mind to clear so that you can open it to higher Spiritual endeavors. If you are having difficulty getting into meditation, she is excellent for allowing focus and banishing those little thoughts that pop in constantly. She will absolutely become a favorite, one you want around you all the time. Truly, she is a willing helper and dedicated Spirit!

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Soothing and Gentle “Moonlight Through the Trees” Quartz

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