#21301 Altar Sized Russian Beta Quartz Cluster - Hematite Phantoms
Altar Sized Russian Beta Quartz Cluster - Hematite Phantoms
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This is an incredible beta quartz cluster, 1 lb, 13.3 oz and 5.2” by 3.5” by 3.3” from Dal’negorsk, Russia and is “rolled” up on one side suggesting a geode, but I don’t think this is the case. Now, most of the beta quartz clusters I’ve seen have either been clear quartz or hedenburgite included … not so this one. She has several hematite phantoms … viewed from one side, those crystals are deep red and from the other, just what you’d expect – clear quartz. At her base, she sits on a layer of chocolate brown,sparklyl matrix topped with deep red hematite with a few inset tiny quartz crystals. Her quartz crystals are beautifully terminated and well-glyphed and you truly must see this to appreciate the amazement of her! Nature is certainly astounding and she is almost beyond astounding! You will delight in every aspect of her crystalline expression!

She is a beta quartz meaning that she was formed under higher temperature and pressure than other quartz. Beta quartz is more highly ordered and has more symmetry than regular (alpha) quartz and over all it is less dense. As a result, the vibrations are somewhat different – more pure and more intense. In Russia, mining for these crystals is limited to only a few months a year, so these beauties are even more rare. Hematite inclusions are even more uncommon and offer a critical connection to the Core Self. She has such a loving energy that you immediately want to place in an area where you spend a lot of time so that she can surround you with purest love, so unconditional that you know your own belonging … right to your core! She instills in her Keeper, the most Spiritual of energies, helping maintain that loving cloud on a constant basis. What a treasure this unusual and wonderful jewel is!

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Altar Sized Russian Beta Quartz Cluster - Hematite Phantoms

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