#21323 Light of the Ancients Meandering Quartz Cluster for Altar
Light of the Ancients Meandering Quartz Cluster for Altar
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This is a fabulous, fascinating and sparkling quartz from Brazil, 4 lb 1 oz and 8.6” by 6.3” by 2.5” and let me tell you that she gave me a difficult time photographing her! But rest assured, if you give her a chance, she will take your breath away! She is a meandering cluster of literally hundreds of points ranging from tiny to about 1.5” and all very lightly tinted with golden healer. Her base is a milky quartz and in spite of her size, she sings as you handle her. To study her with a loupe is a meditation in and of itself! You will marvel at the arrangements – a tabby, twins, stargazers, a curved crystal … and more! She is exceptional and would love to grace your special altar spaces!

This Spirit glows with a light that seems to rise from within, ancient and wise. She has a gentleness to her energy that seems to fulfill the Self, allowing the manifestation of the most brilliant of expressions. She is indeed for a Light Worker coming into Self-power and dealing with the intense issues associated with the feelings. She helps her Keeper understand power that matters: power of Self, power of Now and power of the All That Is. With the base understanding of the interrelatedness of it all, there is a completion and deep comprehension of role. She is beyond a doubt a powerful crystalline cluster and a treasure beyond value!

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Light of the Ancients Meandering Quartz Cluster for Altar

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