#21336 Rare Rainbow Pyrite with Calcite - Kosovo
Rare Rainbow Pyrite with Calcite - Kosovo
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This is an astounding cluster of rainbow pyrite from the Tribeca Mine in Kosovo and such a treat! She is 3.4 oz and 2.5” by 2.1” by 0.85” and she begins as a thin layer of matrix and glittery pyrite. The top side is littered with calcite crystals and has the tiny, glittering, shimmering, sparkly (enough to make Las Vegas proud!) rainbow pyrite! The camera failed to capture any of the color … with a loupe, you will see the flashes or red, blue and bright gold, shifting in the light. She is positively splendid and although I call her “she”, she is really androgynous with yin and yang energies in perfect balance! You will be SO in love!

Rainbow pyrite is a potent activator at all levels, assisting integration of the host minerals into the others. Together with the change energies of the manganocalcite, this is a potent, potent Spirit for working with all sorts of subtle energies, particularly those of the starbrary. Further, pyrite is marvelous for setting up a protective shield, successfully creating a "dome of light" where no negativity can enter. Manganocalcite is an awesome heart stone and offered the protection of the pyrite, she opens the heart to be receptive to positive change. Because she is a shifter (manganocalcite is pink under white light and hot pink-orange under UV and the pyrite changes color depending on hoe white light hits it), she carries much different energies – much more primal. She stirs creativity and emotions in a very profound way. With the rainbow pyrite facilitating and augmenting those energies, you get the sense of truth, honesty and facilitation of achieving a much higher vibration.

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Rare Rainbow Pyrite with Calcite - Kosovo

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