#21344 Surprising Light Golden Smoky Russian Lemurian Quartz
Surprising Light Golden Smoky Russian Lemurian Quartz
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The Russian Lemurian has been declared virtually ‘extinct’ since few have come out of Russia in a long time. Imagine my surprise and delight when a box arrived earlier this year from my supplier of Russian Lemurians he had stashed from the original shipments out of Russia! This one is surprising in many ways … 2.1 oz, 2.95” by 1.1” by 0.9” Russian Lemurian quartz is a DT with a multi upper termination and dinged (and partially healed) lower one. She has a gentle and light golden smoke color with a druse of small to teeny students on one side. Her sides are covered with Lemurian lines and is slightly opalescent. The upper termination is rich with facial glyphs and a neat side student that gives her a bit of a curved look there. Note that Russian Lemurians heal faster than any crystal I have ever seen and the fact that she is already working on the base termination one is extraordinary!

In the early 1990s, the noted crystal worker, JaneAnn Dow was the first to work with and write about the Russian Lemurians and she gave them the name of ‘Sacred Scribe’. They came from the famous mines in Russia where constant Earth forces and movements produce piezoelectric effects yielding the characteristic, albeit strange, blue lights in the mines. They are earthy Lemurians, generally glyph covered with lighter Lemurian lines. Most of the crystals are slightly to medium smoky with citrine tinges. JaneAnn’s site (which may be retired soon since she has recently passed) gives wonderful descriptions in her own words. JaneAnn generally found them a wealth of information and detail (from the glyphs on the faces), particularly about healing, but she stresses that they are not so much about healing affecting our circumstances as for that of the entire planet. She also felt that these crystals were activators for others – either in a grid or with one in the other hand during meditation. These crystals were literally recovered from rock tumbler conditions in the mine and through the years, they healed with multiple terminations and elestial growth. These are truly Master Healers on many levels.

Most of the Russian Lemurians are rather male (yang) energies, however, this one is profoundly female. She has a gentle, almost moon-like aspect to her that allows her to glow with light. From any angle, she fills with joyous, soaring light! Her role is as activator, but not with other crystals, but rather with her Keeper. She is meant for a Keeper who is flailing about, looking for a role in this Life’s Expression. She will help find focus, self-assurance and meaning, particularly in regard to reading the signs along the path and recognizing those red flags that we all like to ignore. Treasure her …

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Surprising Light Golden Smoky Russian Lemurian Quartz

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