#21348 Ultra-Clear Polished Tabby-esque Corinto Quartz
Ultra-Clear Polished Tabby-esque Corinto Quartz
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This is a stunning, 1 lb 8.5 oz ultra-clear polished tabby-esque quartz from Corinto, Brazil. Cut by master carvers in Brazil and following the natural lines of the crystal, the polished crystal shows the true nature of this incredible and energetic quartz. The healed base (and a shallow side-key) has not been polished and I like that as it allows excellent contact with the palm meridians and sets up an uncommonly awesome energy flow. Inside, she is almost featureless except for lilting mists above the base. She is 4.8” by 2.5” by 1.9” and is perfect for your altar or meditation areas.

Tabbies are the ultimate communicators and interestingly, functions differently depending on how you hold her and thus, how the energy flows. In the sending hand, you would hold her sideways so that the thumb on one thin side. Used this way, she is like a “communicator” and would be wonderful for those occasions when you are having difficulty gathering thoughts and words to handle a tough situation. In the receiving hand, she has a soft and gentle energy … soothing and calming and putting you in touch with Mother Earth. You can almost feel gentle breezes and smell the fragrance of the spring rains with magnolias for accent. She is a sweet Spirit wanting only to help guide her Keeper.

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Ultra-Clear Polished Tabby-esque Corinto Quartz

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