#21361 Enigmatic White Amphibole DT Quartz with Amazing Markings
Enigmatic White Amphibole DT Quartz with Amazing Markings
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This is an opalescent and glowing 2.5 oz DT amphibole quartz from Pakistan measuring 2.65” by 1.6” by 1.25”. The inclusions are a collection of fibrous minerals: tremolite, actinolite and polygorskite which sometimes look like long strands and others, like cotton puffs. She is a mysterious DT crystal with soft, silky, creamy white strands that really catch the light. She appears to be one large crystal with a bevy of smaller ones at the base termination and a line of golden healer in the crevice that divides them. Her faces have wonderful glyphs that are very enigmatic … she is a true study for your loupe! Other than a few teeny dings, she is in great condition and ready for personal meditations.

The energy from this crystal is beyond belief! The opening you feel in the Crown Chakra is astounding! The effect seems to seize your physical being and your core Self then deftly sweep it into one huge energy spiral! She fits easily into the palm of the hand, tucked against the palm meridians, where she just sends shivers up and down the spine. You genuinely feel a complete shift of consciousness, building steadily and surging in waves so that the energy doesn’t cause problems. She still has an earthy feel, helping to relate this shift to physical expression. And with the dramatic changes that are sweeping the Earth at this time, she is one to assist in making sense of it all. This one is definitely a premier in the new order of Master Crystals emerging now.

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Enigmatic White Amphibole DT Quartz with Amazing Markings

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