#21367 Gorgeous AAA Ultra-Clear Quartz Scrying Sphere
Gorgeous AAA Ultra-Clear Quartz Scrying Sphere
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This is a wonderful old stock Brazilian quartz sphere weighing 1.8 oz and 1.25” in diameter. She is bright and clear with a teeny bit of mist, wonderfully drawing your eye through the clarity. This is an AAA sphere, perfect for your special meditations or scrying.
‚Ä®Normally, scrying spheres are your typical crystal balls – very clear with only a tiny portion of a mist, veil or silver foil. To have such as this is pure delight – time is not linear as we believe – past, present and future all happen at once but we’re only focused on the now. Our lives are like the points on the sphere … all there simultaneously. She helps you to see the threads between the lives so that you can better understand the lessons of the Now. Work with this Spirit often and fully allow the opportunity and probability that the visions provide.

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Gorgeous AAA Ultra-Clear Quartz Scrying Sphere

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