#21368 Heavily-Drused and Intense Trigonic Red Quartz - Morocco
Heavily-Drused and Intense Trigonic Red Quartz - Morocco
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This is a heavily-drused on two sides and intense red quartz from Morocco, 1.8 oz and 2.05” by 1.2” by 1.1”. The color is a gorgeous and deep red from hematite that permanently coats the crystal, save for the healed base contact area that reveal the true clarity of the crystal. There is a single dish-shaped key on one side and another small one just below the huge, seven-sided face. With a loupe, you will see that there are many tiny trigonic record keepers here! Her termination is rather tabby-esque and she is in excellent condition … you will gasp at her regal beauty!

Red quartz is incredible for moving energies from the Core Chakra and you would be amazed at how many people have blockages here – either energy that never moves into higher Chakras (too much in the physical) or energy that is held only in the upper Chakras … in other words, the person gives little credence to their physical existence and "lives" only in the Spiritual. She helps restore the balance between the lower and upper Chakras so that the person/patient lives effectively in the now. For the most part, we focus our lives on "wait until vacation" or "…weekend" or "… school is out" etc. Our lives are focused on the future instead of capitalizing on the true power we have in the Now. If we lived more fully in the Now, we would notice a marked difference in our lives – more meaningful, more deep and more satisfying. This crystalline Spirit helps to reinstate the balance we were born with and open the doors to our world!

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Heavily-Drused and Intense Trigonic Red Quartz - Morocco

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