#21373 Magnificent Moonstone Sphere - Stimulate the Feminine Within
Magnificent Moonstone Sphere - Stimulate the Feminine Within
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This is a positively amazing 8.3 oz sphere, 2” in diameter. She is from Tanzania and is in humble but rich brown earth-tones. Let me tell you that in spite of the photos, she has amazing chatoyance … I learned a lot about chatoyance, curves and photography when trying to photograph her … chatoyance is hard to capture on the curve … very hard. But make no mistake, she is flashy and wondrous and an immense ball of feminine mystique. The chatoyance is generally white, tinged with pale blue, symbolizing the purity of feminine energy and the brown symbolizes her center with Mother Earth. Her entire demeanor is soft, gentle and yet radiant. She is a once-in-a-lifetime sphere for a special Keeper who wishes to stimulate the feminine within.

Moonstone is wonderful, female energies. It is loving and warm, activating the Chakras that need attention … not just the heart. Women are natural caregivers and as such, they often leave their own Selves behind. It is important to maintain that core Self … a dear friend sent out a flyer recently about ‘taking care of your own oxygen’. In the planes, they tell parents that in the unlikely event of a decompression, the oxygen masks will come down – and to put on yours first and then take care of the children. Good advice … if you don’t take care of YOU, who will take care of them? This Spirit helps to reestablish the balance and give strength to the Feminine Core. She is a friend, a gift and a wonderful crystalline tool for all!

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Magnificent Moonstone Sphere - Stimulate the Feminine Within

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