#21376 Neon Greenish-Turquoise Aurichalcite Flowers on Glittery Matrix
Neon Greenish-Turquoise Aurichalcite Flowers on Glittery Matrix
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This is a wonderful 1.7 oz, 2.4” by 1.3” by 1.1” flower-like series of clusters of aurichalcite crystals from Arizona! The aurichalcite flowers are well-defined and the color is a greenish-turquoise that is absolutely neon. The matrix is a velvety, yet incredibly glittery, light toast-brown and it is in layers with veins of hemimorphite inside that provide incredible eye candy for your loupe. What a gorgeous specimen and wondrous energies! This cluster is fragile, so best she be used on an altar or carefully placed for crystal/Reiki healing.

I just love the flowery look on this one – like Mother Earth opened up and sharing her inner splendor! The matrix is very grounding and in contrast to the neon beauty of the crystals. Cupped in the palm of the hand, you can feel total unconditional love washing over you! She is validation, self-love and realization all rolled up into one crystalline package! Her hemimorphite portion adds the element of de-stressing and relaxation. She is wonderful for a Keeper who is struggling with belonging and knowing what they want to do with this Life’s Expression. And I don’t care if you’re 18 or 88, these questions persist. She allows a more positive review of your life, places things in perspective and allows you to get on with things. She would be wonderful used in a crystal healing or Reiki practice to properly open the patient to healing. Much healing comes to no positive outcome simply because the patient on one level, doesn’t want to be healed. Once cleared of this blockage, great progress is possible. Enjoy her vitality!

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Neon Greenish-Turquoise Aurichalcite Flowers on Glittery Matrix

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