#21382 Puffy, Silvery Artinite on Serpentine
Puffy, Silvery Artinite on Serpentine
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This is an unusual mineral my supplier obtained from an old collection. This is an 11.1 oz, 4.3” by 3.4” by 2.1” thin layer of artinite on serpentine matrix from Staten Island, NY. Artinite is a rare magnesium carbonate that occurs in botryoidal mounds of tiny, fibrous-looking needle-like crystals. The crystals are delicate, so this specimen hasn’t been washed … I will leave it to the Keeper. This is a truly unusual and wonderful crystalline Spirit that you will love exploring with a loupe!

As I said, this is a delicate Spirit and would be best used in a grid or altar setting. With her serpentine core, she has a sweet, radiating, spiraling, calming energy that is very much heart centered. Your heart center is opened, but not so wide as to feel vulnerable, but more wide to accept and accommodate. Compassion enters and warmth and she gives her Keeper the real sense that her Keeper can understand and respect others as well as Self. She is wonderful located in a room where many will gather, particularly where other crystals are placed where people may might handle them. She will successfully help to dissolve anger and hostility. Further, use her with those who are beginning to experience the Kundalini rising which can sometimes be painful if there are blockages. Place her alternatively on the heart and on the Third Eye to remove the pain and allow the energies to rise appropriately. I love the way this Spirit just seem to know how to help the most!

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Puffy, Silvery Artinite on Serpentine

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