#21389 Standing Fire Amethyst Quartz Scepter with Scheelite
Standing Fire Amethyst Quartz Scepter with Scheelite
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To say any of this lot of crystals is unusual is an understatement and this one is no exception. She is from Madagascar, polished, and a fire quartz scepter with blush of amethyst, weighing 16.25 grams and measuring 2” by 0.6” by 0.5”. Two of her rod-sides have been left in their matte-finish, natural state and it helps you see her true scepter nature. One raw side has a shallow key and there is a deep key on a polished side just below the scepter crown. The fire comes from lepidocrosite and you can see that it has formed, often in blobs and mixed with dark brownish crystals of scheelite. With a loupe, you’ll see that the lepidocrosite also throws little mini rainbows as well, so you get flashes of color as you turn her in the light. Her termination is a generator (aka “Merlin”) and she will self-stand pertly on her flat base with her crown gleaming beautifully. All I can tell you is that it adds a stunning visual and energy to this incredible and unusual crystal!

This Spirit has all the lively, joyful energy typical of fire quartz, the energy is entirely shifted … it’s more electric, compelling and ‘uplifting’ (for a word). In this lot, I took one little scepter out and immediately adopted it as a ‘perk’ (and let’s face it, this ‘job’ has serious perks!) and I feel like I have a muse in my pocket. Creativity is elevated and energy is up … and it isn’t just the Starbucks. OK, I’m gushing … I love, love, love this quartz and feel like each has a special message for her special Keeper that will be precisely what the Keeper needs. Her scepter nature really adds a facet to her energy, showing you what inner creativity awaits you! She really feels like an accelerator quartz and I think you will love, love, love her!

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Standing Fire Amethyst Quartz Scepter with Scheelite

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