#21403 Askew Old Soul Smoky Elestial Quartz Scepter
Askew Old Soul Smoky Elestial Quartz Scepter
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This is really strange and unusual elestial smoky quartz scepter from Aricuai, Brazil, 2.5 oz and 2.5” by 1.8” by 1.2”. His rod was broken off eons ago and has healed, leaving the scepter crown . He has interesting glyphs on his faces and you can see how the crown formed in layers, similar to an onion, particularly on his back, flat side. He is fascinating to study as his energy also is layered and dependent on the side that rests against your palm. There are some tiny dings at his termination, but nothing that affects his wondrous energy or stately presence.

He radiates strong, wizard-like energies, invoking wisdom, mystery and knowledge of the old ways. He speaks of the layers of “power” we hold in the Self – and I don’t mean that power that comes from wealth, position or might – this is false power. True power comes from knowing the Self and acknowledging the wondrous potential within that Self. His many phantoms remind us that we are the sum of all the lives we have lived as well as those we will live and all these life’s expressions are a rich and diverse resource for our Now. This Spirit assists with accessing that true power and applying it to Spiritual advancement. He cannot and will not permit himself to be used as the crystals were in Atlantis; he is totally dedicated to his Keeper and the will serve that Keeper well.

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Askew Old Soul Smoky Elestial Quartz Scepter

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