#21404 Brilliant, Sparkling Karur Amethyst Flower with Rutile, Hematite Spheroids
Brilliant, Sparkling Karur Amethyst Flower with Rutile, Hematite Spheroids
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This is a brilliant and lustrous 1 oz, 1.95” by 1” by 0.8” amethyst from Karur, India that is a sparkling elestial amethyst that rather resembles a violet crystalline flower bouquet gathered at the white quartz base. Her sides are keyed and well-terminated and with a loupe, you’ll see wonderful needles of golden rutile as well as tiny dark red spheroids of hematite! To her back, there is a tiny druse of deep golden healer quartz crystals and a tiny bit of Mother Earth matrix. Her faces have tiny glyphs on them and she is a study in miniature detail! It is said that crystals grew in Atlantis and Lemuria like flowers and seeing her, I am convinced that legend is truth!

She comes from Karur, located in southern India and known for its lush scenery and ancient temples. Karur has been an important part of the Tamil Nadu region for hundreds of years and boasts a rich and varied history. They are known for their beautiful textiles as well as brilliant gemstone beads. In face, so much of the mine production is used to produce these beads, that little intact material ever leaves India. And the really, really good news is that my supplier was able to get me more Karurs, although the supply is totally limited now as the Asian Tsunami has destroyed the Tamil Nadu region and it’s unlikely that new production will ever come from here.

Flowers of any description symbolize happiness, love and joy. With her autumn colors at the edges, she is like an autumn flower, welcoming the season of the harvest and blooming until the first frosts take her down. For some, this means that the flower has the ability to bridge the yin times of both harvest and death for a glorious rebirth in the spring, linking heaven and Earth. It is this energy that she brings to her Keeper – the abundance of a full heart that has the ability to grow and bloom love and enhance Spiritual Advancement through its purity.

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Brilliant, Sparkling Karur Amethyst Flower with Rutile, Hematite Spheroids

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