#21412 Etched Blue-Green Apatite Embedded in ‘Flying Disc’ Red Mica
Etched Blue-Green Apatite Embedded in ‘Flying Disc’ Red Mica
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This is a wonderful Spirit from the Sapo Mines in Brazil, a 2.9 oz, 2.7” by 2.45” by 1.8” with petite crystals of blue-green DT apatite embedded into a cluster of ‘flying discs’ of gorgeous red mica! Truly, the effect is not just beautiful, but amazingly energetic and electric. I have to add that she was a bugger to photograph as the mica is amazingly reflective and it was hard to see the true colors in the photos. She is truly a chameleon, however, in that you swear you see one color, but with the loupe, it’s shifted to a different one. Sometimes the apatite looks bluish, sometimes green, sometimes gold as it is etched. And the mica looks red or brown depending on the angle. But, any way you look at it, this amazing cluster is a study in and of itself and a wonder of electric energy for her Keeper!

As soon as you pick her up, you feel a profound pulsing in your Third eye – profound and intense. Interestingly, her green leanings (she is definitely chameleon in expression) address the heart as well, marrying the heart (love) and Spiritual growth. The blue side initiates clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, the senses beyond our own physical ones. We get inklings of them, some more than others and often, it is such a strange sensation that our tendency is to dismiss it as spurious. This Spirit opens our Self up to the Gateway of the Psychic Realm so that we can begin to make sense of it all and blend together into one coherent knowing. She is SUCH an important Spirit in that regard. Her mica stimulates introspection and the red color means introspection of core Self. This is vital when examining core beliefs and eliminating those that no longer serve us and might hold back Spiritual development. Unless we open our Self to the full potential of all we are, we cannot truly accelerate our Spiritual Growth. She is a wonderful personal meditation crystal and one you should work with frequently.

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Etched Blue-Green Apatite Embedded in ‘Flying Disc’ Red Mica

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