#21422 Lovely Ancient Hotspot Golden Smoky Quartz with Large Window, Timelines
Lovely Ancient Hotspot Golden Smoky Quartz with Large Window, Timelines
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This is a 2.6 oz medium golden smoky quartz from Brazil that measures 2.7” by 1.2” by 1.1” with a slanted and healed base, totally framed with shallow keys. A bit of albite fills a key just above the base. There is a small tabby student to one side and she holds just a bit of cathedraling. Held to the light, you can see six gorgeous and well-defined hotspots! Hotspots are evidence of a small, focused, concentrated dose of radiation while in the Earth eons ago. Note that she is not radioactive but merely bears evidence of exposure to natural uranium deposits in her Brazilian home. She hosts fine Lemurian lines, nice facial glyphs, a large trigonic record keeper and two small past timelines and a huge window! She has amazing presence, at once protective and energizing and other than a few tiny, tiny dings, but otherwise is quite pristine.

Although brilliant, this Spirit has a very ancient feel to her. She is a collection of different elements that blend beautifully into a symphony of expression! With the contrast of smooth and craggy sides, she represents the balance of yin and yang. With her citrine aspects, she speaks to abundance and good luck. Her hot spots illustrate introspection, change and transformation. She calls forth the Angelic Realm and the Earthly as well. Everything about her is in perfect balance and harmony! As you work with her, this is the lesson she offers to your life. So many of us function totally out of balance, often losing sight of what we are meaning to do – just doing it to get it over with. As you bring things into balance, a focus takes shape and you find yourself much more capable of seeing the “big picture”. In fact, you feel part of it, not captured by it and that’s a tremendous feeling! Please welcome her Spirit and work with her! She is such a delight and a privilege to know … and a perfect meditation companion!

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Lovely Ancient Hotspot Golden Smoky Quartz with Large Window, Timelines

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