#21424 Mighty Light Smoky Quartz with Rich Green Tourmaline, Sparkling Mica
Mighty Light Smoky Quartz with Rich Green Tourmaline, Sparkling Mica
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This is a somewhat rugged-looking, pale smoky quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil. She weighs 9.6 oz and is 4” by 3.4” by 1.9” light smoky quartz with healed base and side key … in spite of first impressions, she is healed all over. She is studded with numerous crystals of rich, green tourmaline including one long one that resided in the large key to the side. At her front, there is a gleaming, sparkling druse of mica crystals overlaid onto columns of mica … they even cover portions of the tourmaline there. The mica forms a shelf and the base of the shelf is a rick toast-colored mica. Bits of black goethite adorn the surfaces. You will be stunned by her energy in spite of her humble presentation and she will lead you to a wondrous heart healing!

She has incredible, mood-lifting energies that just seem to move you out of any funk you might be in. Mind you, it doesn’t happen in a hurry – it is a soft, and gentle process so that all of a sudden, you realize that you feel better – much better! Albite is the truth-maker – it aids you to see the truth in what is said, regardless of how it is presented. She helps you understand the nature of the mood and assists in dealing with the root cause so as to banish it forever. The mica provides for introspection. Couple this all with the rubellite tourmaline too and the effect on the heart is immense – open wide and no longer afraid. The heart healing begins with self-love and moves to acceptance, radiating peace and love outward. She offers gentle protection to the heart so that the healing is not so ‘rough’ on the psyche. She is meant for one who has had difficult relationships on many levels and who has begun to doubt whether or not she can find true love … ever. This Spirit will help you understand the barriers you have imposed on Self, enabling you to address them and truly open the heart for the most joyous love ever! She is a treat and a wonderful Healer’s companion!

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Mighty Light Smoky Quartz with Rich Green Tourmaline, Sparkling Mica

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