#21428 Pastel Green Apophyllite with Peach Stilbite, Scolicite
Pastel Green Apophyllite with Peach Stilbite, Scolicite
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This is an amazing apophyllite cluster of crystals, newly arrived from Poona, India. She is 2.8 oz and 2.5” by 1.9” by 1.8”. She is a cluster of pastel glassine green apophyllite crystals set into a bed of blades of pastel peach stilbite. There is a bit of dark celadonite at her base with little brilliant-white fans of scolecite. Now of all of the apophyllites, green is the most rare. I just love the color combination of this group – a study in pastels and proof that you don’t have to have vibrant color to make a big splash. She fits well in the palm so you can really appreciate her beauty - just wait until you see her in person!

Apophyllite is an awesome stone for seeing the truth in all situations and it bridges the physical and spiritual realms. It helps us understand with clarity how the realms relate. It facilitates astral travel, but with an important addition: we can remember where we have been and can bring back the significance of the journey. This is a wonderful journeying Spirit and will permit us to travel through time and space, savoring and relishing every instant of that trip. She would be awesome in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where she can be placed on the Heart Chakra to fully penetrate the patient and activate the healing. I guarantee she will become a favorite!

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Pastel Green Apophyllite with Peach Stilbite, Scolicite

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