#21433 Rare, Petite Frosty Russian Pale Amethyst Point
Rare, Petite Frosty Russian Pale Amethyst Point
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This amethyst is a sparkling 0.7 oz, 1.4” by 0.9” by 0.75” beauty with the softest amethyst color you’ve ever seen – like a frosty shadow at dusk. Her faces bear subtle glyphs and her sides are softly frosted with very interesting Lemurian lines and glyphs that give her an opalescent look; she is glossy all over and was extremely hard to photograph as a result. She is surrounded by glyph-filled keys and her fully-healed base shows her geological formation – she is a core crystal with a series of overlays that almost reads like rings on a tree. One face looks frosted with icing with bits of her elestial face (and trigonic record keepers) framed by frosting. She’s the most incredibly beautiful crystal you’ve ever seen and a perfect size for medicine pouch or even wire-wrapping.

The quartz coming from Russia simply fascinates me. Mining is only possible for a few months a year, so it takes a lot of effort to extract these beauties. Further, while in the earth, each endures some of the most extreme weather on the planet. Like an angel’s kiss at dawn’s first light, she glows from an energy deep within. Amethyst is generally considered a crown Chakra stone, and yet she seems so well suited for the heart – her energies remind me for the world like a rose quartz, and yet, sweeter and more melodic. She is Lemurian (and not a Sacred Scribe Russian Lemurian) and as a result is able to transmit remarkable empathy and compassion to her Keeper. She reminds her Keeper of the beauty we all keep inside, sometimes expressed and sometimes not. When we express what is in our hearts, there is no greater beauty in the word! She would make a stunning altar cluster to fill a room with love and compassion!

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Rare, Petite Frosty Russian Pale Amethyst Point

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