#21438 Splendid DT Inner Flame Fireworks Quartz
Splendid DT Inner Flame Fireworks Quartz
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This is a great 11.1 gram, 1.3” by 0.8” by 0.6” quartz from Brazil and unlike most of these quartz, is completely unpolished as his inner clarity is evident without! He a DT with two side students and Lemurian lines. Backlight him and you will see smoky core (with a blush of smoky amethyst) that shows how the crystal formed with a quartz overlay. This creates both the phantom and manifestor within this crystal. As if emanating from the phantoms are radiating flames of lepidocrosite in a fanned array, bursting outward like 4th of July fireworks! He will be a delight to study with a loupe and will be a wonderful pocket companion.

This little sweetie is a perfect pocket crystal for “mystery reading” whenever you need it. We all love a mystery because it presents us with a series of events that we must make sense of to discover the truth in a situation. It can be frustrating at times, yet it seems to be human nature to enjoy the challenge. This wonderful Spirit allows us to open our horizons to that which is unfamiliar and generally hidden. He stretches our mind so that we think of things in a different manner – critical to creativity, discovery and invention. He is a wonderful little talisman who will be a constant muse and imp, always delightful and always surprising!

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Splendid DT Inner Flame Fireworks Quartz

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