#21450 Yummy Mottled Russet and Cream Lemurian Quartz Virgo Starbrary
Yummy Mottled Russet and Cream Lemurian Quartz Virgo Starbrary
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This is a 7.6 oz, 3.5” by 1.8” by 1.7” mottled quartz with russet-colored and creamy secondary growth from Diamantina, Brazil. Her sides bear ancient Lemurian lines with an assortment of glyphs as well as a few typical of a Virgo starbrary. The secondary growth has covered a lot of the original detail of the crystal but also created some very unique patterns on her sides. There is a rugged beauty to her and incredible details that must be explored with a loupe. An oddly-shaped key bridges two sides and another decorates a terminal face. There are some tiny dings, but her message is strong and powerful and she will share it with her special Keeper.

I am amazed by the ancientness of the energies emanating from this Spirit. She touches a cord deep within your soul that joins you to All That Is, instilling a deep sense of belonging and knowing about your star ancestors. Virgo starbrary glyphs are those "read between the lines". The Lemurian lines on these starbraries are often undulating and tactile and in between those lines are intricate and minute starbrary glyphs best studied with a loupe.
The Virgo peoples were gentle and kind ... I call them the peace-makers because they spread these traits wherever they roamed. They had a gift of identifying discord and then resolving the differences. Their messages are very loving and encouraging to the developing peoples of Earth … and do we ever need their wisdom now!

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Yummy Mottled Russet and Cream Lemurian Quartz Virgo Starbrary

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