#21463 Fabulous and Rare Botryoidal Pinkish-Purple Fluorite - China
Fabulous and Rare Botryoidal Pinkish-Purple Fluorite - China
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This is an absolutely gorgeous fluorite from China, 1.3 oz and 1.5” by 1.4” by 1”. She is a mysterious deep purple until backlit where her pinkish-purple and lush color lights up. She is a pair of mounds of botryoidal crystals, sitting on a base of bright-white matrix that is crystalline on top. The texture is simply amazing as she has little “dew drops” of crystals on top of the rolling “hills” of fluorite as well as a few tiny, regular fluorite crystals. She will reward you with loads to explore using your loupe! She is beyond special and beyond awesome!

Fluorites are generally considered to be the great "organizers". They allow you to put physical, emotional, intellectual and ethereal Chakras into alignment and balance. This one’s energy is similar and yet different in that instead of feeling organized and focused, I feel relaxed, mellowed and confident … and I guess all this is an aspect of organization. I particularly love the more suffuse energies that the botryoidal crystals exude - the polish and balance and make transitions smooth and almost effortless. This Spirit is incredible placed in a room where there will be others, to soothe, calm and energize the surroundings. She raises the room’s vibration and instills a state of enlightenment and contemplation, perfect for a meditation room or altar setting. Plus, she is so beautiful, you will find yourself holding her constantly and absorbing her calming, loving energy!

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Fabulous and Rare Botryoidal Pinkish-Purple Fluorite - China

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