#21471 Intricate Smoky Quartz - Rose of Protection
Intricate Smoky Quartz - Rose of Protection
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This is one of the strangest crystals I’ve seen – she is a 1.2 oz and 2.1” by 1.4” by 1.1” elestial smoky quartz from Aricuai, Brazil, but has the convoluted shape of a changeling. Her center is indented and she has the “petals” of an old-time simple rose, just opening to the sun. Look at the pictures and tell me that she doesn’t look like a crystalline rose! The basic shape of the quartz crystal is there and in fact can be seen on the back with well-glyphed sides. But the top is eroded layers that fully resemble a flower. The light play is incredible and shows the fragility of the layers, like petals. She has a few areas with a bit of golden healer inset and a few shining books of mica! This is a stunning, stunning crystal and I see one ding that you will really have to look for to even notice.

The rose is one of the most beloved flowers in the world. It symbolizes beauty, love, grace and a host of other attributes depending on color. The rose has filled every inch of art and one has even been raised in space that has a fragrance never before sensed on earth. No flower is more recognized or revered by all cultures.

The color of the rose further symbolizes certain things. But a botanical rose and a crystalline one are two different things. This one has a smoky core that has a touch of gold to it. Smoky quartz is one of the premier “go-to” crystals for protection, balance, grounding and repelling negative energies. Although protection is not a traditional rose role, this is not a traditional rose! This sweet Spirit is meant for a tender soul, a gentle Keeper who is having difficulty drawing boundaries and as a result, feels used, tired and out of touch. Place her near you while you work, read or relax and she will surround you with the “scent” of protection and joy! She is a truly beautiful being!

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Intricate Smoky Quartz - Rose of Protection

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