#21477 Old Stock Electric Corinto Ursa Minor Starbrary Quartz with Timeline
Old Stock Electric Corinto Ursa Minor Starbrary Quartz with Timeline
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This is a 3.1 oz, 3” by 1.25” by 1.05” old stock quartz, from Corinto, Brazil with an irregular and healed base and a neat side student. Light mists fill the base and above that, he is exceptionally clear. Interestingly, there is one base side where there is a bit of frosty secondary growth with strange glyphs on it as well as a few small keys. There is a nice past timeline and a number of Ursa Minor starbrary glyphs! You will also notice a nice rainbow as well as the asymmetric Isis face on both the main crystal and the student! There are some teeny dings and rubs, but nothing of significance … Corinto quartz is lofty energy to begin with and he is no exception – he will be an outstanding helper to his Keeper.

Timeline quartz is useful for connections … establishing those with ancestors, relating to histories (more on a personal level), links to the Star Peoples, etc. With these links comes the understanding of the past and the lessons it brings. Extra facets help us to consider alternatives ... what can I do differently to achieve the outcome I want? The timeline creates a powerful tool for a Keeper wanting to bring about significant change in his/her life by understanding the past.

Ursa Minor starbraries are sometimes called "comet quartz" or meteor quartz". The glyphs are like a meteor storm and each glyph contains thought packets detailing the ideas from this star system. Some are musings, others are inventions and others still are inspirations. When decoded, there is a wealth of data spawned by everything from science to literature to everyday living.

Ursa Minor travelers were thinkers ... their interest was in studying various civilizations and bringing the ideas back to their own planet. They would often live among each planetary peoples they discovered to select the best and most useful.

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Old Stock Electric Corinto Ursa Minor Starbrary Quartz with Timeline

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