#21484 Prismatic and Outstanding Isis-Osiris Starbrary Guide Quartz with White Chlorite
Prismatic and Outstanding Isis-Osiris Starbrary Guide Quartz with White Chlorite
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This amazing and prismatic Spirit is from a newly-discovered pocket of quartz just north of Corinto, Brazil. She is 1.7 oz and 2.95” by 0.9” by 0.65” with three keys lining the base and another in the middle of a side. Every side is Lemurian lined with a few or more starbrary glyphs. I thought at first that this was a Rosetta, but the crystal informed me that she was a Starbrary Guide, not a Rosetta. The glyphs are meant to be read top down and then from the opposite side … like two sides of a page and the glyphs are Ursa Minor with a sprinkling of Cassiopeia. A single side displays a “snowfall” of white chlorite that creates interesting patterns in the surface of the crystal. She has a tiny, asymmetric Isis face, an Osiris face (making her also an Isis-Osiris)And a slender, long past timeline. There are some teeny dings, but of significance at all … nothing to interfere with her soaring energies and prismatic demeanor!

In ancient Egypt, Isis was considered the Divine Mother of Feminine Energy. The legends of her love for her beloved Osiris inspire the perfection of unity between earth and divine. Isis is magic, the giver of life, wisdom and teaching – the symbol of femininity and all that is “yin”. Isis crystals seem particularly abundant in this time as we are in a very yin period. The Earth is calling forward feminine energies as she rebuilds from her cleansing. Those who are sympathetic and wish to be part of this regrowth will feel a special affinity to these crystals and know immediately how each specific one is to be used.

Starbrary Guides are a new addition to the starbrary revelations. Those amazing glyphs are the magic in her work … as you slowly and gently pass a fingertip over them, vibrations set off pictures and subtle messages. Starbrary Guides provide linking data to other starbraries to both ease translation as well as understanding why the underlying information was left. It is not enough to know what a starbrary information says … intent, history, philosophy … all that starbraries communicate, but at a deeper and more intense level.

To work with a Starbrary Guide, place the Guide in your sending hand and a starbrary of your choice in your receiving. Begin a meditation and allow your mind to open. Gently ask questions and allow the information to flow to you. This may take a number of sessions but your understanding of the Star Peoples will be enhanced and accelerated.

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Prismatic and Outstanding Isis-Osiris Starbrary Guide Quartz with White Chlorite

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