#21487 Russian Snow Amethyst Phantom Cluster
Russian Snow Amethyst Phantom Cluster
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This 0.9 oz amethyst cluster is a sparkling 1.9” by 1.6” by 0.75” beauty She is a soft purple color that is glittery, frosty and snowy all at once … and with glyphs adorning her tiny faces. She is doubly terminated with no matrix or contact area (she’s a floater) and she is a sweet little powerhouse!

The quartz coming from Russia simply fascinates me. Mining is only possible for a few months a year, so it takes a lot of effort to extract these beauties. Further, while in the earth, each endures some of the most extreme weather on the planet. Yet, through it all, the beauty shines through! Stunning! I love this little Spirit with her teeny frosted sides and teeny Lemurian lines that look like crystalline Morse code when you study them with a loupe! Her energies are sweet and angelic and shine outward – she teaches us of the tenderness of the heart and the beauty we hold within each of us. She is here to remind her Keeper of her Keeper's true value – and to let her Spirit shine through!

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Russian Snow Amethyst Phantom Cluster

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